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Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Orange County, California

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Protect Your Employees and Your Company

Part of a proper workplace environment is a guarantee for protection if something were to go wrong. Workers’ compensation insurance provides your employees with care in the case of a workplace injury and protects your business from a crushing financial burden.

For the Worker

When a worker is injured at work, our insurance plans cover the wages lost and medical expenses. The plan will also give them access to medical professionals who can help their recovery. Each insurance provider is different, so while each plan handles employee benefits in a different way, all will help in the face of an emergency situation.

For Your Business

It is your legal responsibility as an employer to ensure the safety of those who work for you. If something goes wrong, you aren’t covered and you are found to be negligent, you can be sued for large sums of money – money you need for other business expenses. Don’t be caught unawares. Protect your livelihood with premium workers’ compensation insurance.

How Workers’ Compensation Insurance Works

Workers’ compensation coverage applies to bodily injuries caused by or diseases that arise from the course of employment.
Most plans extend to cover accidental workplace injuries and occupation-specific diseases. Benefits are awarded in four types: medical, income, death, and rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation policies are also often used to cover legal expenses if a company is sued in a personal injury case.

Legally Required Protection

In the state of California, employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. Our insurance specialists are familiar with the regulations managing workers’ compensation insurance and can help you find the plan that fits your business’s needs and the legal requirements for your industry.

Start the Process

Begin to look for a plan that meets the needs of your business at Alliance Business and Commercial Insurance Services. Your employee’s needs and your own can be met within the legal requirements for your business with a plan from one of our insurance providers. Talk to one of our insurance consultants about the right protection plan for you. Get a quote today.