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Tow Truck Insurance in Orange County, California

Tow Truck Insurance

Specialized Towing Coverage

Towing companies require coverage for their specialized industry. That is why Alliance Business and Commercial Insurance Services offers unique towing coverage. Protect your business by protecting the cars you tow with this optional coverage.

Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance

In the state of California, the legal liability insurance coverage extends to protect businesses if a vehicle in their care is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism, or a collision.


This insurance only covers vehicles that are parked, stored, or waiting for service on an insured location. That means that if your business has multiple locations, you will need to insure all locations to protect your business.

Industry-Specific Coverage

More than just a typical property and casualty insurance policy, garagekeepers legal liability insurance protects towing companies from the added dangers and complications of storing the property of others. We’ll find you a plan that meets the limits and deductibles your company needs.

On-Hook Towing Insurance

This policy type will pay to repair or replace a vehicle you are towing if it is damaged while being towed. Fire, theft, vandalism and collisions are all covered by these policies.

Coverage Limits

On-Hook Towing insurance only applies to vehicles being towed while they are on your truck. (For protection for vehicles that are being stored, see “Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance” above.) It also only applies to vehicles owned by a third party. No vehicles owned by the towing company are covered in an on-hook towing policy.

Other Trucking Protections

A towing company is exposed to many risks while on the road. Don’t leave your team and trucks unprotected. In addition to towing policies that protect the cars you tow, consider policies that protect your property and company:
  • Liability insurance
  • Medical payment insurance
  • Physical damage coverage
  • Uninsured motorist insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Lock in the Coverage

Every day your business is liable for your own vehicles and for the vehicles you tow. Make sure you’ve secured your future with the proper coverage for your services. Get a quote today.