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Property and Casualty Insurance in Orange County, California

Property and Casualty Insurance

Broad Commercial Plans

“Property and casualty insurance” is an industry term that encompasses many different plans. It incorporates two major policy types: liability and property protection coverage. These types of  coverage manifest in a variety of ways. Homeowners insurance, auto insurance, renter’s insurance and many others fit into this category.


As a business owner, you need to protect the value of your property while protecting yourself from liability. Every time someone enters one of your facilities, an accident could happen. If you’re not properly insured, you’ll be saddled with all of the costs in any of the following circumstances:

Visitor Injury

If a visitor is injured on your property or if the injury occurred due to the negligence of your business, then the injured party can hold your business legally responsible for the damage. If they require medical attention or cannot do their job because of the injury, then they are entitled to compensation. If you have property and casualty insurance, you’re protected from paying all of these expenses out-of-pocket.

Building Damage

If your building is damaged, you could lose a lot of money in products or in productivity. Property and casualty insurance covers you in the case that someone vandalizes or robs your property or if weather causes damage. Don’t be stranded if the winds change out of your favor.

A Smart Investment

Give yourself a financial buffer in case of an accident. Property and casualty insurance is a smart investment that can help in the event of an unforeseen accident. Plans can extend to cover all of your property. Contact our consultants to see how to make a smart investment. Get a quote today.